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Nigel Powell - online session drums

Session Recording

In Maida Vale Studios, London
Recording in Maida Vale Studios, London - Photo by Greg Nolan

I'm available for online drumming sessions now, and for studio attended sessions tour schedule allowing. I have extensive studio experience under my belt, including numerous charting singles, albums and gold records in various territories. You can find a complete discography of my previous work on the Musician Discography page, along with sound clips of many of the tracks I have played on over the years. As an engineer and producer I have been involved in hit albums in the UK, US, Germany and Belgium, as you can see on the Production Discography. Recordings will usually take place in the custom built space near Oxford where I have worked on recordings for Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls, Dive Dive, my solo albums under the name 'The Sad Song Co.', and many other projects, although depending on project budget and my tour schedule I may also take advantage of other recording studios in and around Oxford, or elsewhere in the known world.

I can also offer a complete arrangement and recording service, having performed keyboards, bass, guitar, percussion, rhythm programming and backing vocals on many records, as well as being involved with composition and arrangement (including for string sections up to twelve piece) throughout my career. If you have an idea that you want turned into a musical reality, get in touch and we'll talk it over, I'll see if I can help you create your dreams

Onstage at the London O2 Arena with Frank Turner
Onstage at the London O2 Arena with Frank Turner - Photo by Ben Morse

The price is negotiable and will depend on the project being undertaken (i.e. is it just a demo, or for commercial release, and the complexity of the material). As an opening offer a typical drum track would cost £75 / €100 / $120 per song, which is a discounted rate until the end of this year. This price includes

  • initial idea tracks - either programmed or performed on electric drums - so you can be satisfied that my interpretation is working with your creative vision
  • completed tracks, usually two or three options that you can compile a final take from
  • recordings provided both as individual multitracks and for your convenience as a stereo drum mixdown

You don't pay until you are happy with the drum takes. I will provide mp3s of the work being done until you are happy, and then we can arrange final payment and delivery of the full quality wav files.

There are discounts for multiple songs booked at the same time. Please get in touch for a quote on multi-instrumental services / production / mixing etc. You can email me at or fill in the enquiry form below and I will be in touch.

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Recording with Rich Costey at Eldorado Studios, Los Angeles
Recording with Rich Costey at Eldorado Studios, Los Angeles - Photo by Matt Nasir

Nigel Powell uses:
Sabian Cymbals   DrumTuna tympanic drum tuning gauges ProMark Sticks   Evans Drumheads   SJC Custom Drums  

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